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The Ailuro File - 2008

Our Newsletter, The Ailuro File, is published 4 times a year. It contains a lot of useful information, news from our fosterers, stories, poems and various articles.

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Here is a Poem from Issue 50 -  Spring

Pets' Corner - by Ginger Greene

It doesn’t pay to argue with an elephant
You’re a loser if you quarrel with a lion
And remember he’s a killer
If you wrestle a gorilla
Although he may not mean to break your spine.

A panda’s not as cuddly as a teddy
And a kangaroo might kick you in the crutch
So get yourself a doggie
Or a furry little moggie
Because they’ll never hurt you
(Well, not much!)

Here is a News Article - from Issue 49 - Winter


An animal sanctuary is battling to save the lives of four kittens dumped abandoned in a city woods just days before Christmas. Three of seven kittens have already died after they were found in a weak and undernourished state in a cardboard box in the Marlpit area of the city. A member of the public was out walking his dog when he spotted the pitiful animals and took the cats to Eaton Veterinary Practice, where they arrived in a terribly weakened state. The surgery said the tiny kittens were suffering from diarrhoea and were given fluids and wormers. However, two of the cats were so small and weak they did not survive the night. The vets cared for the kittens until they could find a place for them in one of the county's already full rescue centres. Sandra Peache, who runs the charity Country Cat Shelter from her home in Norton Subcourse, managed to find a foster home for the kittens, but she said another of the kittens died on the way to the vet yesterday morning . Mrs Peache said: “We collected them on Christmas Eve, unfortunately by that time two had not survived as they were so weak and undernourished. The other five are very small for their age also. One is a bit larger and could come from another litter. “One had to be rushed to our vets on Saturday morning as it could not stand on its back legs, it is still touch and go but seems to be improving with food being syringe fed every couple of hours. “We wonder and worry what became of the mum cats.” Mrs Peache said it was not an isolated incident, as at the end November they took in five cats which had been crammed in a cat carrier and left in a street in Lowestoft on one of the coldest nights of the year. She said: “We are doing the best we can with the facilities and funds we have at our disposal.” In the New Year the charity will start again to attempt to find homes for the cats it has in its care, and the dumped kittens will eventually need homes once they are strong enough. Other animal sanctuaries are also finding it harder and harder to respond to the rising number of animals being dumped in the county.

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