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We have several cats that can never be re-homed. If you would love a cat but for various reasons you can't have one, sponsorship is the ideal answer. Choose a cat from the many photos below and for a minimum donation of 10.00, you will receive a certificate with a photo of your cat and its details. Also a letter from 'YOUR CAT", a Christmas card, and our quarterly Newsletter.  You may like to give a friend or relative a Sponsorship as a Birthday or Christmas gift. Please call SANDRA on 01508 548950 or ELAINE on 01502 574562 with your details, or

Or - Click for a printable form to fill in and post.

If you pay Income Tax or Capital Gains Tax, perhaps you would also print and fill in the Gift Aid Declaration so that we can claim back 25p in every 1.00 that you donate. Click here for a form to print.

All the cats pictured below are, for some reason or another, not homeable. Some of them have come in as feral kittens and will never trust anyone apart from the fosterer who first tamed them, some of them have been so badly treated in their past that they will never trust another human being and some are suffering from on going medical problems. These cats all live happily with their fosterers who they know, trust and love. We ask for your help to be able to keep them happy and well.

People are asking me what happened to the link to Merlin's page, the story of our very clever little blind kitten, who sadly died. For those of you who have asked, and those who would like to read it, here is the link again. - MERLIN'S PAGE





Jake is very nervous of strangers(Living with Sandra) 






Iota is very nervous of strangers(Living with Sandra)





Jacko is very frightened of strangers.(Living with Sandra)












As you can see, Leo looks quite relaxed, but that's because this photo was taken from a distance. He will not be approached, but goes to his fosterer for a cuddle now and again. (Living with Jean)




Calo was born here, yet for some reason, although handled from birth, he is very nervous of strangers and will avoid being picked up. He does like a fuss though, when he comes up beside you. (Living with Jean) .




Judy came in to care when she was a kitten, but has always been very nervous with people and is very rarely seen by strangers. She lives happily in her fosterer's home. (Living with Elaine)



Danny & Dendi

Danny & Dendi are very shy cats. They are brothers but are available for sponsorship separately. (Living with Elaine)



Lucy is another one that strangers never see. She also lives happily in her fosterer's home.

(Living with Elaine)




Kitty kept running away from her new homes, so now lives safely in her fosterer's enclosed garden. (Living with Elaine)





Badger is very frightened of people and doesn't like to be approached. He hides in the bed under the duvet when strangers are around. He is the brother of Bracken & Fern. (Living with Jean)




Coco suffers from attacks of gingivitis despite having all his teeth removed. He also gets swollen glands in his throat, like tonsillitis. (Living with Jean)



Fern is very nervous and aloof, and can be very spiteful. She is Bracken's sister.

(Living with Jean)




Bracken suffers from gingivitis, and is frightened of his own shadow. He is Fern's brother.

(Living with Jean)



Posy was born feral and is never seen by strangers. She can also be very spiteful. She is Perkin's sister. (Living with Jean)




Perkin was born feral, and does not like to be approached or picked up, although will come on a lap for a stroke when he feels like it. He is never seen by strangers. He is Posy's brother.

(Living with Jean)