Re - Homed 

Here are some of our cats that now have a happy safe home.

Holly & Rosie


Pictured above are Holly & Rosie as kittens, and below as happy adults in their new home.



A Note from their new Owner:-

I know itís been some time since we collected these two little girls Ė Feb 2011, but they have grown into two beautiful adult girls and thought you would like to see. These were taken recently in one of the rare quiet moments they werenít tearing round the house and garden!!


This is Whiskas at 12 weeks old. He was found in a dustbin with a badly broken leg. To read his story in our newsletter, click on his picture above.

This is Whiskas at 6 months old in his new home.  He is now called Georgie and has an enclosed garden so he can play outside safely.

Jet (Cadbury)

This is Jet when he first came in to us at 10 weeks

This is Jet in his new home guarding the fish tank.

He is now called Cadbury.

Max & Suzy

This is Max and Suzy with their friend the parrot.


Carly came in to us as a stray. She was about 9 months old and we were worried she might be pregnant. Here she is relaxing in her new home which she shares with an elderly dog.



This is Oscar he went to a lady but unfortunately she developed a severe allergy! She was very upset to let Oscar go. He has now found his forever home and is settling in nicely.


This is Robbie he came to us with his sister Poppy. He was very nervous when he arrived but he soon settled in. He is now called Roger and has a wonderful home which he shares with another cat Morgan. He keeps Morgan and his wonderful new family on their toes. As you can see he has grown up to be a beautiful boy who is spoiled rotten and very much loved.


Tammy and Tumble

This is Tammy and Tumble. Rescued from a field they settled in at Country Cat Shelter. They only stayed a couple of weeks with us. Their new family have a farm which is a fantastic place for cats. They are now treasured pets. They are great friends with the dog the new owners already had.


This is Jonny when he was about 5 months old he is a very affectionate kitten. He enjoyed the Christmas tree very much! It had to be taken down boxing day as there was not much left. 


This is JG she came in very frightened but after lots of TLC and patience she is now a very friendly little girl and so pretty.


This is Jonny and JG they were homed together as Jonny gives JG a little extra confidence. They were very lucky and found their forever home.

In their forever home!

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