This is Our Shop

8, Hungate, Beccles, Suffolk.

Our shop will be closed all day on Wednesdays until further notice.

Opening Times:- Monday - 10am - 4pm

                          Tuesday -  10am - 1pm

                       Wednesday - Closed

                           Thursday - 10am - 4pm

                        Friday - 10 am - 4pm

                          Saturday - 10am - 1pm

                                           Deliveries :- 10am to 1pm. (Please DO NOT leave outside when we are closed.

 In an effort to raise much needed money a decision to open the charity shop was taken. The shop opened for business on the 29th November 1997. Many members help in the shop on a rota basis and this has led to a welcome boost for the C.C.S. bank account. We are always looking for things for our shop such as :--


1) Bric-a-brac, books, clothes, sheets, pillowcases etc.

2) Small cellophane bags.

3) Larger plastic bags for curtains, duvets etc.

4) Carrier bags.

5) Small jewellery boxes (for ear-rings, rings, brooches etc.).

6) Foreign Currency - Coins and Notes can be traded for proper money.

7) Unwanted presents Etc.

8) Clean duvets up to 10.5 tog NOT FEATHER.


Always needed are VOLUNTEERS to work in the shop.

If you think you can help with the shop in any way, please ring Sandra on 01508 548950, or go into the shop. Sometimes we may be able to arrange to collect.

Here is a Map to Help You Find Us.

( We are within the blue circle.)

 8, Hungate, Beccles, Suffolk 




" Help Us To Help The Cats "