The Ailuro File

Here is a tale from one of our members

From Issue No.44 - Oct/Nov/Dec 2007

Skye Goes Home - Judith Yaxley

A few weeks ago we had a little white cat come into our garden. We thought we were feeding the hedgehogs at night until we saw this little white cat appear. She must have been living wild. After her running away a few times when I approached her, we soon became friends, especially when she realised I gave her food when she came towards me. She began sleeping in our greenhouse overnight. She also loved a fuss and sitting on cushions on my garden swing

The charity had no space for her, so I continued caring for her. Then Elaine came with her Micro-chip scanner. Within a few hours a several phone calls, the owners came to collect her, tea-time on 3rd August. They were very happy to see her, home she went in my cat basket. She had been reported missing to the `Chip' people on 12th June. I had co-incidentally advertised her in the `Found' section, this very day 3rd August. On returning my basket I was given a reward of 30.00 which was donated to the CCS.

It must have been quite a journey for this sweet little girl to make - from her home in Sussex Road, Lowestoft to my garden in Carlton Colville Village. It is a relief to know that she is safely back with her family.

Here is news from one of our fosterers

From Issue No. 43 - Jul/Aug/Sept 2007

Pat's Patter - by Pat Julier

Newsletter time again folks, doesn't time fly! I have had some more successful re-homings, Topsy and Evie two of the allotment kittens, which came into care last July, were re-homed in April and have settled in very well. Bertie and Barney have also been re-homed and will still be indoor cats. They were so shy and nervous but their new owner is very understanding and prepared for this and it is a very nice quiet home for them. I went and picked up a great big tabby and white boy called Jonjo and brought him into care. He had been living where there were two very boisterous and noisy dogs which frightened him. He spent all his time outside and sleeping in a shed. He was a lovely boy although he was very timid and didn't like sudden noises. He has now been re-homed with an elderly couple where it is a nice quiet and peaceful home for him. at the moment I have Poppy in care with me. She is a pretty and dainty little grey tabby girl of about 7 to 8 months. She has had a litter of 3 kittens which sadly all died before she came into care. Poppy has been living outside as a stray but is very affectionate. I have also got Robertson, a black and white boy. When he first came into care he was with Sandra and was in a pen with the other cats that came into care with him. He wasn't getting on with them and was stressed and withdrawn. When one of my pens became free he was transferred over to me so he could be in a pen of his own. It has worked. He is now outgoing and affectionate. Hopefully both him and Poppy will be found loving homes very soon.

Here is a Poem from Issue No. 42 - Apr/May/Jun 2007

Feline Frolics

The world is full of lazy cats

That sleep away their days on mats

To dream their dreams of birds and mice

And make a virtue out of vice


When human sleeping times begun

That is their time for having fun

To prowl, to chase, to love, to fight

And come and go throughout the night


At last the dawn and early light

When we arise, a haggard sight

" Just fill my dish " the cats complain

Before they go to sleep again.


The routine chores for you and I

To noble cats do not apply

There is no limit to the right

To sleep all day and wake all night.


Ginger Greene

Here is news from one of our fosterers

From Issue No. 41 - Jan/Feb/Mar/ 2007

Willow Whispers Christmas/Winter - Sandra Peache

First of all I would like to give my heartfelt thanks to everyone for the Christmas cards with news of their cats and also for the kind and generous donations. I apologise to those who I have not acknowledged yet and I hope thanking you here will suffice. I was busy typing letters from the cats up until the last minute and also nagging fosterers for letters and photos of their cats, wish we could get the cats to write their own! The cats had their treat on Christmas Day of the usual turkey and for those who prefer fish, they were catered for also. They were also treated to catnip and furry mice, some are still in one piece but some have taken a good chewing.

We have been put under a lot of pressure these last few months and our list of cats to rescue and re-home gets longer. It has not helped as one of the local National cat rescues has apparently been closed. Another tells people not to feed strays and they will go away!

Updates, Felix has found his ideal home, next to a churchyard, well we did want a quiet home for him! He is a companion for a gentleman who lives alone, by all accounts keeping the mice population in check (Felix that is). Hattie still with us, as are Milly and Alice but as the last two have freedom during the day to come and go as they wish, it's not too bad for them but would be good to find them a permanent place. Smokey has found his ideal home with a lady who dotes on him and he is a `normal' cat again with no problems. Bramble sadly passed away at the end of October, peacefully in his sleep after a normal day of being his usual loving self. Thanks to Debbie and family for giving him loving care for his last few weeks. Debbie has now adopted Alfie, the grey tabby hand-rear, a friend of Patches. Mars is still with Ann and ruling the roost. All the hand-rears found homes and are all thriving. A friendly torti who was living rough was `sorted' and found a home very quickly, renamed Phoebe, two tabby kittens from the A12 born to a feral Mum but they were handled by Margarita so were friendly, have been homed to a couple who are now the kittens' `slaves' (their words). Two Siamese who were allegedly abandoned when the floods hit Great Yarmouth have been with us a while as they had a few medical problems when they came in, runny eyes plus coughs and sneezes, a male and female, we have no idea how old they are. The male needs neutering which will be done ASAP, the female will have to be checked also. They have been blood tested and had their 1st vacs. A little ginger and white kitten came in at the end of November abandoned with his brother and no sign of Mum cat. Daphne who found them, hand-reared them as they were so tiny, they have kept one as a friend for their cat Ebony. Roly, the ginger is going to be homed with the two tabby kits. We have heard there are small kittens around which is unusual for this time of the year but the weather is so topsy-turvy no wonder ths cats get confused and think it's Spring! Wishing you all a belated Happy and Healthy 2007, with not too many cat problems (some hope!)