I live in Wymondham, Norfolk, and our cat Molly went missing earlier this week (last seen Tuesday 8th January, 2013). She is about 4 years old, black and white, fairly small in size and very shy with strangers. She is black all over her back, with three fully black legs and matching white feet/paws, and one of her hind legs is almost fully white. She never usually ventures far from the garden or our close, so this very out of character. As you can imagine, we are very upset and very worried. We have placed posters up and posted flyers through people's doors.

She is micro-chipped but does not wear a collar. If anyone brings a cat to you matching her description, please, please get in touch.

Contact: 01953 605134 or 07903 832 266




Lottie went missing a couple of weeks ago (late March 2012), she escaped from her carrier after her flu jab outside George Hill vets in Stanton, Suffolk. We have leafleted extensively in the area but she has still not been found. She isn't chipped.

She is quite a small cat and quite shy. I have attached a couple of photos and would be really grateful if you could keep an eye out for her. She is also registered on the missing pet register.

She has a big brother at home who is lost without her


Kind Regards


01359 250313



A 14th month old `all ginger' female cat has gone missing from Lowestoft since 28th December 2010. She had been visiting relatives with her owner, and managed to escape into an area unknown to her. She lives in Swaffam, so could possibly be trying to find her way back there. If anyone should see her, please call Country Cat Shelter on 01502 574562. Many thanks.

Also Missing


This little cat, who is only 6 months old, went missing from her home in Worlingham, Beccles, on Boxing Day 2010. If any one sees her would they please contact Country Cat Shelter on 01502 574562 or e-mail from this website.



I moved to Fressingfield, Suffolk on the 2nd of August 2009 from Hertfordshire...5 cats, 1 Jack Russell and an elderly mare...and on the afternoon of Friday 2nd of October my big long haired neutered male cat *Andrew* took himself off and we have not seen him since. I have done a local poster campaign and spoken to various people. I've just recently got the internet for the 1st time ever, and have been able to e-mail a number of stray cat homes etc...who have very kindly put *Andrew's* details on their major websites and have informed fellow organisations. He is a big long haired cat about 12 years old, the top of his head, across his back, tail and partly down his sides he is a gingery brown tabby, a bit of a mixture, and the rest of him is pure white. He has big eyes and looks as though he is wearing eyeliner. He has a distinguishing mark on his upper left lip where his whiskers grow and I can identify him from this, it's a smudge like mark that looks like a food stain, as if he missed that bit when he was having a wash. I miss him an awful lot and am worried for his safety, even though he is a tough fellow who is very good at looking after himself and has a habit of going off for up to a few days or more, once in a while, cadging a meal where there are other pusscats, but never as long as this, which is 5 weeks tomorrow. I would greatly appreciate any information. Thankyou very much, Yours.....Julia Maplesden...01379 586688/07917 835765 or Please ring Country Cat Shelter.



Benny (or Ben) is a 2 year old, neutered, dark mackerel tabby with 4 white paws. He has the real tabby "M" on his
forehead. He disappeared from Beresford Road on Weds 16th April. He was wearing a reflective collar with a blue felt backing and a brass ID barrel (he actually had his brother Jerry's ID barrel on but the other details are the same), he is not micro-chipped. He is quite friendly but wouldn't generally approach people. He has a very quiet almost kitten like meow. Both his owners and his brother miss him very much and we are desperate to get him back.

If anyone should see him would they Please contact Marie on 01502 511274 or 07949 674619, or contact Country Cat Shelter.




Tristan is a two and a half year old male cat. He is large framed and black and white as you can see, with a black chin. He is
slightly nervous of people at first, but is affectionate and has an extremely loud purr. He went missing at Prospect Place, Bergh Apton, at the top of Thurton Hill on the A146 road, after 8pm on Thursday 20th March 2008, the day before Good Friday. If anyone has seen Tristan would they please contact Amanda Rudd on 01508 480690 or 07961 919663, or contact the Country Cat Shelter.


Missing - Jaffa

Jaffa is a 1 year old neutered male and has been missing from his home in Abbeydale, Lowestoft since 1st November 2007. The picture shows him a bit younger. He is not now wearing a collar, but he has been micro-chipped. Would anyone who sees him please contact Allison on 07967 234197, or contact the Country cat Shelter. Many Thanks.

Woody and Buzz

Woody and Buzz are longhaired ginger brothers ( Buzz is a very pale ginger). They are both neutered and Micro-chipped.

Buzz: Missing from Seething Park, Norfolk since May 24th 2007

Woody : Missing from Stoven, Suffolk since August 2nd 2007

They are greatly missed by all the family.

Any news, please contact Sally on: 01502 575217 or 07880 553393


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