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Last Updated 6th January 2018


We have many cats and sometimes kittens that need new homes. If you live in the area that we cover, which is approximately a 25 mile radius of Beccles in Suffolk (depending on whether we have someone in your particular area to do a home-check), and feel you could offer a home to any of our cats or kittens, PLEASE RING: SANDRA on 01508 548950 or ELAINE on 01502 574562. PLEASE DO NOT RING IF YOU ARE NOT IN OUR AREA.

We have fosterers in different areas, click on the link below for a map.



 All we ask for is a minimum donation of 40.00 per cat/kitten, to help towards the cost of blood-testing, vaccination, worming etc. If you do not take your cat/kitten home straight away we may ask for a deposit to reserve it.

Your cat or kitten will have been blood-tested for Feline Aids(FIV) and Feline Leukaemia(FeLV), vaccinated against Feline Panleucopenia(Enteritis) and Feline Infectious Respiratory Disease(Cat Flu), and also treated for fleas and wormed.

If you have a cat over six months old it will be neutered or spayed. If you have a kitten we expect you to have it neutered or spayed at 6 months old and return a confirmation form to us. This is vitally important so there are not so many unwanted kittens born each year.

In the first two weeks of re-homing a cat or kitten,  problems may develop due to the stress of the move. If there should be diarrhoea, sneezing, runny eyes or limping (other than caused by injury), call us before consulting your vet. If we feel your cat or kitten needs to see a vet we will sanction a visit to one of our vets and we will pay the fee.

The cats and kittens we have in our care changes all the time. On average we have some 50/60 cats at any one time, although not all of these are suitable for re-homing, some need sponsoring instead. 

 Most important is the welfare of the cat or kitten and we may do a home check. 

Call  :-

SANDRA on 01508 548950


ELAINE on 01502 574562

If you see any cat or kitten that you think would be suitable for you.




Please look at the photos below, but remember we may have others that are more suitable for you. 



Here is 10 month old Raine, who, after a few days in a new home, will be friendly. The ideal home would be a quiet one with no young children, as she gives a playful nip sometimes. (Living in Norton Subcourse, Norfolk)


Here is 10 month old Storm, Raines sister. She is shy at first and like Raine would be happier in a quiet home without youngsters.
They sort of get on together but can be homed separately. She gives a nip when she gets excited. She is very affectionate with her fosterers. (Living in Norton Subcourse, Norfolk).


Solo is approximately 1 year old & has been neutered. He is a very friendly and very lively little boy, and would very much like to live with another young cat of about the same age, if possible. ( Living in Carlton Colville, Suffolk)

For more information about adopting an adult cat ,click on the black cat button below.