Country Cat Shelter

" Help Us To Help The Cats "

The Country Cat Shelter (CCS) was formed at the end of September 1997 by a group of people living in the Norfolk/Suffolk area concerned with the welfare of local cats and kittens. Several of the founder members already  had pens in their gardens. It was decided to go ahead and set up a CAT RESCUE.                                                        

 As many other cat lovers had voiced an interest, a meeting took place on the 28th September 1997 and a decision to become a Registered Charity was taken. One of the founder members had already done the ground work and had a Charity Number, so it was decided to try to take it over and the wheels were set in motion. On the 19th November 1997 we received official notification that we were now a Charity.

At a meeting at the end of October a competition took place for the Name, Logo, and Motto, and the winner was adopted. Many other people from all walks of life wished also to become involved and became helpers, fund-raisers and members.

Our rescue is run by the use of fosterers rather than having a central sanctuary. On average we have some 60/70 cats in our care at any one time, rescuing on average 200 cats/kittens and re-homing about the same annually. We have several main fosterers taking the bulk of cats and kittens into pens and their own homes, plus some emergency fosterers, taking in one or two cats/kittens or the odd emergency. All cats/kittens are either vaccinated prior to re-homing or a discounted vaccination is arranged at one of the veterinary surgeries that we use.

Assistance is given, both financial (when funds allow) and with food etc. to people who have cats in need (approx 150 per year have benefitted from this assistance).

We do not have any official boundaries, the area we cover is approximately within a 25 mile radius of Beccles in Suffolk. This is because it would cost us too much to do home-checks and follow- up checks if out of these areas.

In conjunction with other animal rescues, we hold a Spring and Christmas Bazaar. A quarterly Newsletter is published giving information and general topics, also hopefully interesting stories and articles etc.,

We are an entirely self-supporting charity.

Your support is always welcome, either up front or in the background, whichever you prefer. No pressure is put on you to do anything except as our motto decrees

" Help Us To Help The Cats "


  1. The provision of a sanctuary for the care and protection of cats and kittens. Also the placing of unwanted cats and kittens with new owners.

  2. The assistance of people who are in necessitous circumstances in the care of their pets including neutering, spaying and including visits to the vets by grants towards the charges.

  3. The giving of advice and information in the care of cats and kittens.

  4. The welfare of the cats and or kittens remains our primary consideration at all times.

  5. No cat or kittens are ever put to sleep unless to ease suffering and only then on the advice of a vet.